Karla Spice

First Impressions

There’s a series of three pictures on the tour that feature Karla stripping from a Hooters tank top and spraying whipped cream on her tits. These images accomplish a number of things: First, you get to see that Karla has a smoking hot body. Second, she’s a cute and friendly chick with a playful side. Third, it’s the best example of her gorgeous brown skin in all its perfection. There’s a hot introductory video on the tour as well which you have to see if you have any interest in Karla. Bottom line: this girl is gorgeous and will entertain you.

Hot Promises

Karla is an 18 year old beauty that loves showing off her sexy and passionate side in her picture galleries and videos. She updates her site every week with a new gallery and adds new videos on occasion as well. There’s some suggestive language on the tour – the sentence about licking the whipped cream off her breasts comes to mind – but the site is strictly a softcore affair. Karla is a non nude model, which puts the onus on her to come up with some spectacular stuff to show us.


It’s possible that Karla Spice has the hottest body in the online sphere. It seems like a stretch to make that claim, but now that I’m in the member’s area and can witness the full size picture galleries it’s pretty remarkable. The first thing they hit you with inside is a list of the most recent updates. They’ve got a small picture for each along with the date on which it was published. The site is still alive and well with new content coming in every 2-4 days. They also offer a small section on the next galleries to be added which I found useful.

Karla’s got content sections with pictures, videos, friends and wallpapers. There are 84 picture galleries and in each Karla is doing her best to turn you on by wearing seriously gorgeous outfits and showing almost all of her body. As I mentioned above Karla is a non nude model, but this is one of the rare sites in which that doesn’t bother me one bit. It would probably be a turn on watching her pose in a paper bag. She’s really that beautiful and her body is really that shapely. What’s best about it is that it’s perfectly proportioned. I’m guessing that her breasts are fake, but because you never see them nude and you’re not going to be touching them it doesn’t matter either way. What matters is that they look perfect.

Most picture galleries have 60-150 images that are available in a medium or high resolution. Before you start browsing you simply choose which size you’d like to see and all the galleries will be displayed that way. It’s a simple bit of programming that does wonders for the quality level of the site. The large images are quite large and should please almost all consumers. The thumbnails are a tad small when you’re browsing the galleries, but that’s a minor quibble.

The most important thing is that Karla is really hot and that’s what her picture galleries show. It sounds trite, but there’s nothing more important when you’re talking about a non nude solo girl site. She’s not doing anything but posing here so it needs to look good. That looking good begins with what she chooses to wear. Karla has a significant bikini collection if you judge by her picture galleries, and they’re all really hot. Her body is ready made for modeling bikinis. She also poses in lingerie, a few costumes, and lots of tight clothing that shows off her every curve and her breasts. I feel confident saying these are the best non nude picture galleries I’ve ever seen.

Coming off the high of visiting the picture galleries I browsed into the video pages hoping they would deliver as well. There are only 26 videos, a result of adding one every two weeks. The site simply hasn’t been live long enough for her to generate significant content in this arena. That’s a strike against them. Another strike is the fact that you’re only given one screenshot to preview the clip before you have to commit to downloading it. A small gallery of five or six would have gone a long way to making your choices easier.

Most clips are in the 30-40mb range but there are a few that approach 100mb. As it happens the larger clips are also the most entertaining because Karla is really committing to putting on a show in those clips. In some of the smaller clips you’re stuck watching Karla as she poses for a photo gallery. I’ve never been a fan of these kinds of videos because they seem so damn lazy. Doesn’t she have time in her day to make a video without cramming in a photo shoot as well? It would take more than 30 minutes to put together a nice dance routine or just writhe her hips to music. Nevertheless, her body is so hot that it overwhelms my complaints by and large.

The friends section is fairly small with only 10 galleries to offer. They’re taken from other babes around the web and while the galleries are hot there are so few that you’ll be in and out of there in no time at all. There are ten wallpapers that you can decorate your computer with and they all feature Karla looking her best in hot pictures. The journal feature is pretty interesting in that Karla writes lengthy entries and often includes candid pictures from her travels. If you want to get a glimpse into her daily life there’s no better way.

Your membership to KarlaSpice also comes with a nice surprise: free access to LaZonaModelos. This all Latina site features hundreds of galleries of gorgeous non nude models posing in bikinis, lingerie and sexy outfits. The content is much like that at KarlaSpice, just with more variety. It’s a great bonus in that you can browse over and check it out when you’re looking for something a little different. Plus it doubles the amount of content you’ve got access to.

Croco’s Opinion

There are few models on the web as beautiful as Karla Spice, which is why her site is a must have for lovers of Latina babes and lovers of beautiful women. If you check out her tour and find any of the pictures hot you’re going to be blown away in the member’s area. The pictures inside are actually far better than those they used on the tour. Plus you get access to LaZonaModelos as a bonus. I’m not usually this enthusiastic about a site, but Karla is true work of art.


The slick design makes browsing the content easy. The picture galleries are laid out very well and easy to use. The biggest drawback is the lack of any preview pictures for the video clips.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. The first month costs $24.95 and it rebills at $24.95 every 30 days. You can get 90 days for $59.95.

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